Morocco Photos Featured in Travelite Magazine

New-ish magazine Travelite asked to feature some of my photography from the 2010 trip to Morocco in their second issue. You can view the issue online here.


Creative Mornings Toronto 2 & 3!

A couple of great recent CMTO talks are up on the Vimeo account.

Patty Johnson | 2012/01

Venessa Eckstein of Blok Design | 2012/02

Creative Mornings Toronto #1 – The Jumpoff

Photo by Jacklyn Atlas

Really not a fan of getting up that early in the morning, but the first ever edition of Toronto’s Creative Morning was a great success. Speakers for the inaugural talk were Helen Kerr & Nigel Smith of KerrSmith.

Mat Martel and I were on video duty, he also handled the edit because that’s his deal, as editing has a habit of driving me insane. The next CMTO is on deck for Jan 20, check out for more info.

You can check out the rest of the photos from the talk over on the Creative Mornings Toronto Flickr page.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, & Have a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!

Audio problems in After Effects & Premiere Pro CS5 CS5.5, might want to look here

I was having some strange problems with audio not playing back properly in After Effects the other day, followed quickly by a similar issues in Premiere Pro. Wasn’t able to find any google love for the problem, but eventually stumbled upon something that seemed to have fixed my problem.

Basically I was occasionally losing the ability to playback audio during Ram previews in AE, no matter what I had the audio preferences set at. I think* my problem was solved after booting up the ‘Audio MIDI setup’ utility. In here I noticed that there was entries for both After Effects 10.5 as well as After Effects 10.5.1, which I think was the route of the problem. Maybe the 10.5.1 update left some cache or something that was causing a conflict? Either way, I deleted the old one and everything seems to be back to normal for me now.

*Not 100% sure this was what solved it, but I’m pretty sure as things seem to be remedied for the most part now. This may or may not be of any use to anyone, but I just thought I’d put it out there in case someone stumbles upon this in a google search, as I couldn’t find any mention of it out there myself. The Audio Midi setup tool is in your Utilities folder fyi.

How to change the default font in Adobe Illustrator (and more!)

To change the default font in Illustrator from Myriad to something else you prefer is fairly easy, although not nearly as straightforward as it should be.

All you need to do is locate the following folder buried inside your home directory:

Adobe Illustrator template defaults

Adobe Illustrator template defaults

Users > username > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator CSX > en_US >

These are the base template files that are loaded each time you start a new Illustrator document. You’ll need to change the ones you use most often. If you’re like me and luckily have no clue what things like Flash Catalyst even are, then you can leave those alone.

Most of the time I just start with the Print template and occasionally the Video and Film one.

Open up Basic (or whatever template you want/use)

Go to Window > Type > Character Styles

You’ll get this window, double click on Normal Character Style

Now under Basic Character Formats you can set your new preferred default typeface.

Save and Close this template.

Now, try launching a new document using the Basic RGB template (or whatever one you’ve just changed) and the default font should reflect your changes.

Another thing I found this useful for was tweaking the Video and Film template. I usually avoid using it because the transparency grid and those rulers/guides it has on by default I would just turn off. You can tweak these templates to your hearts content, so for starters I just turned off the transparency grid and made some changes to the guides to better suit my taste.


How to Zip & UnZip files on your FTP server (Using SSH & Transmit)

Occasionally I’ve run into the need to either Zip or Unzip a file once it’s up on my FTP server. I was pretty sure this was possible but I’d never bothered to figure it out until recently. You might not ever find yourself having a need for this, but if you deal with the occasional client who doesn’t really understand compression, you might find yourself pulling off a few 30GB+ folders from time to time.

Basically it’s fairly straightforward (if you’re using Transmit, but let’s be honest – what else would you even be considering?). Step 1 was to enable SSH access on your web server/FTP. Over at Bluehost, all this took was 2 minutes with a quick message to their online support chat, they enable it on their end for your account. Next, you need to be logged in to SFTP as opposed to basic FTP.

Step 3 is to zip/unzip to your hearts content. With your file selected, go to the File menu and at the bottom you should see ‘Send SSH Command’. The lovely developers at Panic have included the ability to send the zip commands automatically for the programmatically challenged. Just click the gear icon and pick your poison, no typing required. Then just let it work its magic, and in a matter of minutes or seconds depending on what you’re doing you’ll be all set.

So to recap:

  1. Enable SSH
  2. Use Transmit, login via SFTP
  3. File > Send SSH Command > Zip/Unzip

Hope that helps anyone looking for how to do this.

Civil War Era Poster Typography

While visiting Boston a couple weeks back, there was a small civil war exhibit on display at the Boston Public Library that featured some sexy type.

Civil War Era Typography at the Boston Public Library

Design Trends: Crests, Badges, Emblems & Seals


Digital Scrapbook: All-Type posters

I’ve been collecting examples of all-typographic posters for a little while in Evernote. Wish I had a better way to save them all at the time in one place so that they have proper links to their source, but alas I’m still working on that (Pinterest looks promising though).

Click to see the whole post to get the full monty, lots of goodies: